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“The Process and Enterprise Maturity Model (PEMM™) is a corporate roadmap and benchmarking tool for organizations embarking on the path to becoming a Process Enterprise.”

Introduced by Dr. Michael Hammer in his ground-breaking article "The Process Audit" for the Harvard Business Review in April 2007 for immediate application by corporations at any level of process design/redesign – this roadmap and tool is a vital weapon in the arsenal of any company wishing to initiate or maintain momentum in their process journey.

Among other things:

Are you worried that this will be just too difficult and expensive? PEMM’s™ simplicity allows corporations to make the process journey themselves, rather than engage outside consultants.

Are you concerned about metrics?
PEMM™ enables companies to gather empirical evidence, rather than rely on gut intuition.

Are you in a decision-making feedback loop?
PEMM™ allows companies to identify roadblocks and address them before they become a danger.

How can you demonstrate to your employees their value and worth in a change environment?
PEMM™ engages all levels of the organization in the process journey early on, turning them into evangelizers for change!

Download Complete PEMM™ Excel Spreadsheet

Click Here to Read 'The Process Audit' (via Harvard Business Review website)