Hammer and Company was founded as a business education and research firm—focusing on cutting-edge issues in operations, organization, and management. Dr. Hammer’s groundbreaking concept of business process was the centerpiece of all our work. By redesigning their processes, by measuring and managing them, and by organizing around them; organizations have been able to achieve unprecedented and sustainable improvements in operating performance. The Hammer concept unifies best practices in business process, while incorporating methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma.

Over the years, Hammer and Company helped enterprises capitalize on the power of process in several ways:

The Hammer Process Curriculum of Courses on process management and process design teaches the skills needed to create and manage high-performance enterprises. These three, classic Hammer courses are still being taught today by our licensees, FCB Partners. Individuals who complete all three courses receive the Hammer Certificate of Process Mastery. Since the founding of Hammer and Company, over 20,000 people have completed the Hammer Process Mastery courses..

The Forum+Clinic Seminar Series explored cutting-edge process solutions to a broad range of challenges and issues. This highly acclaimed series featured case studies of pioneering organizations accompanied by interactive tutorials presented by Hammer and Company with leading business people and thought leaders. Hammer and Company presented more that 80 of these seminars on different topics including supply chain integration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, management process, new measurement systems, quality management, and Six Sigma. More than 500 guest speakers were featured, including Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Michael Porter, and Larry Bossidy. Nearly 12,000 people have attended the Hammer Forum + Clinic Seminar Series.

The Phoenix Research Consortium served as the research arm of Hammer and Company. This highly prestigious, invitation-only membership group offered organizations committed to process excellence a series of multi-organization forums incorporating dynamic research studies and programs. Members enjoyed unparalleled opportunities for sharing experiences and best practices across business disciplines.