"Within my organization, we are undergoing a process review for infrastructure. This course has provided the steps and structure needed for process design, supply, and changes; very good course."
Anne Marie Spiller
Associate Director, Infrastructure Governance, Colgate-Palmolive


"My group attended in teams. It was great to discuss how our organization compares with others as well as to discuss out plans for using the information we learned."
Lennette Springfield
Process Consultant, Passport Health Plan


"Very informative. Good information on how to design and implement processes and practical examples."
Christy Kemp
Business Analyst, Mosaic


"More value than ANY workshop I have attended in the last 5 years."
Steve Littlefield
Manager of Business Process, Williams Companies


"I came away with good understanding of how process mastery provides real value to the customer and a great set of tools to help me make a difference. A thoroughly enjoyable week, thank you!"
Mark Palmer
Divisional Operations Director, Payne


"Very good. Quality program, great people, great support, and capable/qualified instructors!"
Steve Richardson
Director, Responsible Business Practices, Zachry


"The entire program will help me immensely in articulating the value of process and understanding a framework for implementation."
Mark Cyr
Transportation Specialist, USTRANSCOM


"The program is very useful to all individuals interested in succeeding in Process Engineering, irrespective of previous expertise level."
Benedict Ranger
Senior General Manager, National Housing Trust


"Stimulating and inspiring; reengineering my thoughts about leading change by demonstrating ways to use structure and process to influence others to come along for the ride."
Bob Nebo
Manager, Customer Service, Workers Compensation Board Alberta


"I believe the program in it's entirety is awesome and each component can be leveraged to meet individual needs. This program has formalized the Power of Process, for me. I'm extremely excited to take this back and implement!"
Ms. Sue Breast

Senior Group Manager, Frito Lay


"I greatly value this class (the three-day) and the four-day class. They have been very helpful in helping me to gain a deeper understanding of process concepts so that I can be more effective instilling process in my organization"
Mr. Darrin Puckett

Business Engineer, Humana


"I appreciate learning about the possible pitfalls and how to manage those. It was refreshing to see these addressed rather than swept under the carpet as though Process Management is a perfect answer to problems."
Ms. Wendy DeCair

Senior Manager, IT Risk, Process, and Compliance, Dean Foods


"It clearly calls out the critical importance of change management to implementing a process culture."
Mr. Brandon Halbert

Director, Business Process Optimization, Campbell Soup Company


"The course materials were very good...this was a great use of two days time. High value!"
Mr. Chris Piazza

Vice President, Enterprise Financial Services, Warner Bros.


"This course has inspired corporate teamwork as a value that WILL make me and my company successful. Would recommend to co-workers; great methodology, great stories from other people that have the same issues as you."
Mr. Brian Holowatuk

Network Operations Manager, IPCO/BCIC, SaskTel


"I have taken previous courses and took this as a refresher. It proved to be very helpful."
Mr. Bob Joers

Director, Branch Operations, GNB Industrial Power


"I have enough substance now to go back and do a much better job at influencing our organization to become process-centric ."
Mr. Baboo Kureemun
Project Manager, Research In Motion


"Great session. Provided me with the knowledge and tools I'll need to develop and drive process change in my company."
Ms. Rhonda Czarnecki
Senior Business Planner, Process Architect, SaskTel


"Excellent training program."
Mr. David Huffman
Chief Process Architect, BC Hydro


"This knowledge is well delivered and would be of great use to my peers. The information in this course is leading-edge and promotes business strategy."
Mr. Ron Loos
Network Operations Manager, SaskTel


"Well presented with good practical examples. Provided very useful tools and techniques for the process work that we are currently engaged in."
Mr. Tony Rohrmeier
Vice President, Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union


"It has opened my eyes to a new way to approach the day-to-day business and it has given me the tools to implement it in my organization."
Mr. David Surroca
Naval Architect, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems


"The course is perfectly aligned and extremely relevant to government and non-profit organizations, providing a clear methodology for improving processes directly affecting the mission."
Class Participant, U.S. Air Force


"I found this course to be one of the best courses that I have ever attended. The instructor was excellent."
Mr. Ken MacGibbon
Senior Tech Specialist, Processes, NB Power


"The framework and business case for EPM presented in the course is invaluable in understanding how to make meaningful change happen."
Ms. Leenu Peterson
Head of Continuous Improvement, Development Operations, Pfizer


"Extremely well structured and delivered. Insightful and thought-provoking."
Mr. Nick Astley
Head of Performance Analytics & Benchmarking, Pfizer


"Dr. Hammer would be proud!"
Mr. Jonathan Spaetzel
President, Spaenaur


"Every time I come, I take new things from the class and the people attending. Informative, educational, and motivational."
Ms. Karen Young
Product Manager, Spaenaur


"Very good foundational overview! Excellent overview of the component parts needed to be successful in creating a process organization."
Ms. Katherine L. Amy
President, Syntro


"A valuable model for designing the enterprise."
Class Participant, U.S. Air Force


"I can already see mistakes I have made and my organization has made – and now I have the tools to fix them."
Ms. Pamela Jones
Project Manager, Research In Motion


"This course enables me to promote the work process initiatives at my location with a great deal of confidence that it 'does work' and it will reap the rewards expected."
Mr. Phillip Nichols
Systems Integrity Coordinator, Shell Canada


"I wish I had taken this course 5 years ago when we started reorganizing and working with processes. It has never been so clear why we do it this way."
Mr. Ognjen Vagic
Global Process Expert Forms, Tetra Pak


"Worth the trip. Process Redesign, I am convinced, is the best approach to use with a changing landscape."
Mr. Jamie Daly
Contact-to-Order Manager, Spaenaur


"It prepares you for the big change. Ingrains the concept and ability in you to sell it. Helps follow methodology. The great stories shared build your confidence."
Ms. Navi Grewal
IT Manager, Campbell Soup Company


"I was looking for a way to move my company toward a process-oriented business model. This helps me understand what that means and how to successfully begin that journey."
Mr. Wyley Seals IV
Business Applications Manager, Holly Corporation


"Excellent, comprehensive approach to transformational business change. Research-based, not just another fad. A MUST for organizations that truly want to transform their businesses. I now have a strong framework with which to drive the change."
Mr. Ivan Walrath
Senior Director, Pfizer


"Excellent presentation, wonderful content, fantastic networking. This was a very comprehensive program that provided a solid insight into the key elements of process management. Every senior leader needs this in their knowledge tool kit."
Mr. Nick Langsha
Leader, Business Process Improvement, SaskPower


"The Hammer program is great. It’s immediately applicable and gives me the tools and information needed to explain the concept to the rest of the organization. It just makes sense."
Ms. Jennifer Kikkert
Business Analyst, Horizon Health Network


"The course is a great eye-opening for everyone involved with process redesign."
Mr. Jorgemar Ferreira
Manager, Novo Nordisk Brazil


"The best class I have ever taken on process development/improvement. Looking forward to bringing the momentum back to the office."
Mr. Dan Crowley
Manager, Process Improvement & Management Group, U.S. Army ARDEC


"So many benefits: material is clean and concise. Learning with a group of intelligent and experienced people from a variety of companies and countries, all housed in great facilities with great accommodations; Hammer doesn’t leave anything out!"
Ms. Tamara Shields
Business Analyst, State Farm Insurance